Chocolate factory

Founded in 1947 by Paul Stettler, the Stettler chocolate factory has been producing high quality traditional chocolates for 70 years. Awarded in 1954 for the quality of its products at the Culinary Art Exhibition in Berne, the Stettler chocolate factory has continued to perpetuate tradition and know-how throughout the last decades. Stettler Pavé is the best known of its chocolate range. Its reputation has gone far beyond the Swiss border to become a global standard.



1964 Castrischer confectionery confectionery was created by a passionate man on boulevard du Pont d’Arves. Its legendary black forest has been decorating Sunday tables for decades. The transmission of know-how remains intact until today. This black forest is loved by everyone, young and old alike. It is friendly and brings together generations.

Paul Stettler

The founder

The famous Geneva chocolate factory, founded in 1947 by Mr. Paul Stettler, celebrated its 70th birthday. His first shop opens his doors at the rue de Berne, with his laboratory attached. This is where the magic operates and will make him a reference in the field. His unmissable creation is the famous Pavé de Genève.

A new dawn @ Stettler & Castrischer…

… with Chef Edouard Morand arrival.

In 2015, Chef Edouard Morand joins Stettler & Castrischer, with a specific objective: to bring creativity while keeping the traditions and know-how that punctuate the history of the house.

Formed with the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France such as Chef Jean-Claude David and Chef Franck Kestener, Chef Edouard Morand improves and diversifies his knowledge in Belgium where he spent three years with Chef Pierre Marcolini. Passionate, he gladly paces the plantations of the world in search of the best. Rich of his experiences, he perfectly combines today, shapes, textures, aromas and flavors.

He continues his journey and become Chef Chocolatier in the prestigious palaces of the Côte d’Azur such as the Hotel de Paris in Monaco or the Cap-Eden-Roc hotel in Cap d’Antibes. Perfectionist, passionate, he is keen to transmit the know-how of this art, and is finalist of the legendary contest of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Chocolatier Confiseur 2015. It is not without effort that Chef Edouard Morand created his small team with apprentice chocolatiers and confectioners, with whom he shares the secrets of traditional and new recipes.

The guarantee of Stettler quality

Our chocolate masters privilege a culture of excellence and express their competence through the chocolates that they make, but above all, they express a passion never denied.

This professional competence is based on knowledge of traditions and know-how. The raw materials are chosen with the greatest care. Only the most delicate ingredients are retained.

Finally, a careful dosage carefully guarded by our master chocolatiers, will give all their characteristics (flavors, flavor, smoothness and touch) to our products.

… and our commitment.

Always looking for the best and the exclusivity for our customers, the chef Edouard Morand created in September 2017 a unique couverture chocolate that gives a true taste identity to all our products marked with a greedy and sustainable footprint.

The Chef has made a commitment with the company Felchlin in Schwyz (SZ) to work directly with the cocoa farmers. Through his regular movements on farms, he guarantees the quality of the beans he uses and the working conditions of the men and women who grow cocoa.

Edouard Morand and our partner opted for a slow but respectful treatment of the product. Indeed, the manufacture of chocolate requires up to 4 days for an optimal development of the flavors of the different varieties of cocoa used.

Swiss milk from the Alps

Biosphere reserve and World Heritage, milk traceability of origin or quality of the hay, the company Felchlin left nothing to chance.

It is in this spirit of sustainability that Felchlin has partnered with the biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO with the specialty “Haymeal coverage”.

This hay is bought exclusively for the manufacture of this noble lid. Chef Edouard Morand uses it among other things for a chocolate named Luzern. To discover in our shop!

Chef Edouard Morand is recognized as a Master in the Swiss education system.

Stettler & Castrischer is an accredited “training” company and welcomes 2 apprentices every 3 years.

Chef Edouard Morand is engaged with cocoa bean growers in Colombia to improve their education and produce better cocoa beans (planting visits, quality control, choice of beans, drying, etc.)