A beautiful story that is told since



Founded in 1947 by Paul Stettler, the Stettler chocolate factory has been producing high quality traditional chocolates for 70 years. Awarded in 1954 for the quality of its products at the Culinary Art Exhibition in Berne, the Stettler chocolate factory has continued to perpetuate tradition and know-how throughout the last decades. Stettler Pavé is the best known of its chocolate range. Its reputation has gone far beyond the Swiss border to become a global standard.



1964 Castrischer pastry and onfectionery is created by a passionate man on boulevard du Pont d’Arves. Its legendary Forêt noire adorn the Sunday tables for decades. The transmission of know-how remains intact until today. This Forêt noire is loved by everyone, young and old. It is friendly and brings together generations.


“Theobroma”: Food of the Gods!

Thus were called cacao beans and brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors in 1524. Today this treasure is still the most appreciated gift in the world. To some they are notes of tasty gaiety to others moment of delicious pleasure or even a subtle combination of aromas and scents. Coming from a past mixing legends and epics, chocolate crystallizes voluptuousness, pleasure or greed and remains the indispensable element of traditional frets.

Know How

Our master chocolat makers consistently strive for a culture os excellence and show their faith and expertise in the chocolates they make. But above all, they show their undeniable passion. That professional expertise lies in their knowledge and mastery of intimate and exclusive chocolat-making traditions. Raw materials are carefully-chosen. Only the most refined ingredients are used. Skillful dosage – jealously guarded by our master chocolate makers – give our products all of their characteristics : fragrance, flavor, creaminess and feel. Beside our great classics, our customers can find a new subtle and daring combinaisons of refined and innovated tastes.

A new dawn at Stettler

… with the arrival of Chef Edouard Morand.

Formed with the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France such as Chef Jean-Claude David and Chef Franck Kestener, Chef Edouard Morand improves and diversifies his knowledge in Belgium where he spent three years with Chef Pierre Marcolini. Passionate, he gladly paces the plantations of the world in search of the best. Rich of his experiences, he perfectly combines today, shapes, textures, aromas and flavors. He continues his journey and become Chef Chocolatier in the prestigious palaces of the Côte d’Azur such as the Hotel de Paris in Monaco or the Cap-Eden-Roc hotel in Cap d’Antibes. Perfectionist, passionate, he is keen to transmit the know-how of this art, and is finalist of the legendary contest of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Chocolatier Confiseur 2015. It is not without effort that Chef Edouard Morand created his small team with apprentice chocolatiers and confectioners, with whom he shares the secrets of traditional and new recipes.

Un souffle nouveau sur la maison Stettler…

… avec l’arrivée du Chef Edouard Morand.

In 2015, Chef Edouard Morand joined the Stettler House, with a specific objective: to bring his creativity while keeping the traditions and know-how that punctuate the history of the chocolate factory.

Formé avec les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France tels que le Chef Jean-Claude David et le Chef Franck Kestener, le Chef Edouard Morand améliore et diversifie ses connaissances en Belgique où il passe trois années auprès du Chef Pierre Marcolini. Passionné, il arpente volontiers les plantations du monde entier à la recherche du meilleur. Riche de ses expériences, il conjugue aujourd’hui parfaitement, formes, textures, arômes et saveurs.

Il continue son périple et devient Chef Chocolatier dans les prestigieux palais de la Côte d’Azur tels que l’Hôtel de Paris à Monaco ou l’hôtel Cap-Eden-Roc au Cap d’Antibes. Perfectionniste, passionné, il lui tient à coeur de transmettre le savoir-faire de cet art, et est finaliste du concours légendaire des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Chocolatier Confiseur 2015. Ce n’est pas sans effort que le Chef Edouard Morand crée sa petite équipe avec des apprentis chocolatiers et pâtissiers, avec lesquels il partage les secrets des recettes traditionnelles et nouvelles.