… the history of chocolate & its little manufacturing secrets

The laboratory attached to our tea room is an example of what a good chocolate maker might dream of. It is the blade of our chocolate factory, an absolute domain of creativity and know-how. In this place, our master chocolatiers willingly share and develop our traditional and original recipes.

Our formulas @ our laboratory

Avenue Blanc 49, 1202 Geneva

The Workshop


Discover the world of chocolate

Creation of a chocolate bar

Realization of vanilla marshmallow truffles

From 12 years old

The Chocolatier


Discover the world of chocolate

Realization of a caramel salted butter

Realization of a chocolate bar

Creation of a spread

From 18 years old

Instant discovery


Visit of our laboratory

Immersion in our team

From 12 years old

Our formulas @ our atelier shop

Rue Berne 10, 1201 Geneva

Let’s Party


Birthday cake

Chocolate animation

From 6 years old

Passion Chocolate


The Chocolate history


From 12 years old